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Riverside Nursery School - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Action Plan


I would like to reassure parents that we are following all current official guidelines regarding precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. We are asking for your co-operation to ensure these guidelines are followed in order to protect staff, children, and their families from contracting the virus and passing it on to vulnerable people. We have adults and children who are in the ‘High Risk’ category at the preschool, and will therefore be following the advice closely.


The below plan applies from now until we receive further official advice.


We will remain open unless:

  • We are told to close by the Government, Public Health England, or Herts County Council.
  • More than three staff members are unable to work.
  • Both the manager and deputy manager are unable to work (it is a legal requirement that at least one of them is on site).

Daily Routine

  • Arrival at Preschool

In order to limit the number of people coming into the preschool, we will be asking that parents drop off at the main door and do not come inside the building. Staff will bring children in, help them with their coats and bags, and ensure they wash their hands before coming into the main hall.


  • Regular Handwashing

We will continue to wash the children’s hands regularly. We already do this before they eat, if they have cleaned/touched snotty noses, or after playing in the garden. We will add washing hands if they have been holding hands with others and at arrival at the preschool.


  • Collection from Preschool

We will be trialling collection from inside the preschool. We will be asking parents to come into the building one at a time to collect your child and their belongings. Wearing a face mask is still advised for enclosed areas, however not compulsory.


Child Illness

In addition to our current policies, we will be following the below guidelines until further notice:

  • If your child, or a family member, has a high temperature (37.8 degrees Celsius or higher), your child must not come to preschool as per government advice


  • If your child develops a temperature while at preschool we will call you to collect immediately and will ask you to keep them away from preschool as per government advice


  • Children with a new or persistent cough must be cared for at home


Please follow the link to the NHS website at the bottom of this letter for up to date advice


Staff Illness

We must adhere to legal minimum child to adult ratios. If staff members are unable to come in to work due to illness or isolation our plan is as follows:


Firstly we will try to find suitable temporary staff to cover staff absence, to ensure we remain within the legal ratios.


If more than two staff members are off at the same time, or we are not able to maintain ratios, we will have no choice but to close the preschool temporarily.


Please be assured that we know how important childcare is for parents, particularly working parents, and will do all we can to remain open. We are all working parents too.


If you have any questions please do get in touch.


Kind Regards,

All the staff at Riverside.


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Last Updated: 09/08/2021


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